and Wish one's customers happiness

About 20 years have passed since we started a confectionery business.

We have delivered Japanese-style confections such as Manju and Daifuku, and confectionery such as cookies and financiers through business partners from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, and even overseas.


But I wonder if you are really satisfied with our product? What will happen to the market in the next 10 or 20 years? In the era of rapid change in trends, the question is endless.


Therefore, we have positioned the present exactly as “the second founding period” andsurprise! Impressed! Change!” And we set a vision of make customers happy.


Providing amazing products, is impressed by the taste, will bring about a change in the industry. As a result, we want our customers to feel happy. It is natural that the products to be sold are delicious. That's why I want to create surprises in appearance and taste, and innovate on sweets. It's only sweets, surprises and inovation may be small.


My passion and enthusiasm for sweets make customers happy and impressed. I sincerely believe so. Passionate, I can do something! I would like you to see and feel the products we produce.




MARTO Co.,Ltd.


      MARCHE Co.,Ltd.

President and Representative Director Yukihiko Imamura








MARTO Co.,Ltd. Group

マルト株式会社 製菓事業部 幸祥庵  (菓子製造・販売)

MARTO Co.,Ltd.  (Confectionery Production)


有限会社大黒堂  (和菓子企画・販売)

DAIKOKUDO Co.,Ltd.  (Planning and Sales)


有限会社マルシェ  (洋菓子企画・販売)

MARCHE Co.,Ltd.  (Planning and Sales)