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Kanazawa, a famous spot for confectionery, is located on a rich earth surrounded by mountains centered on Nihonkai and Hakusan. The confectionery culture has been passed down for many years. MARTO Co., Ltd. was founded in Komatsu City, which has Komatsu Airport, the gateway to the scenic Hokuriku sky.

We deliver Japanese confectionery and western confectionery with the number of items in the industry for diverse needs from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south and far away from overseas.

We offer a comprehensive range of products from planning, development, design and manufacturing of confectionery products of OEM manufacturing, original products, novelty products and sightseeing souvenir products.

We promise the best planning quality in the industry, combining printing and confectionery manufacturing.


 Japanese-style confectionery (Mochi rice cake, Daifuku rice cake, Manju dumping, Steamed kintuba bar, Youkan sweet bean jelly) Western-style confectionery (baked donut, financiers, cookies) is mainly manufactured.

We use the latest equipment to plan and manufacture products using local materials.

We offer many types and many products in small lots and short delivery times.

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We will explain the flow from the production of the orijinal package to the production of confectionery that other companies cannot imitate.


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MARTO Co.,Ltd. Group

マルト株式会社  (菓子製造)

MARTO Co.,Ltd.  (Confectionery Production)


有限会社大黒堂  (和菓子企画・販売)

DAIKOKUDO Co.,Ltd.  (Planning and Sales)


有限会社マルシェ  (洋菓子企画・販売)

MARCHE Co.,Ltd.  (Planning and Sales)